RAM 1500 Push To Start 2019+

Please note, the videos are not a substitute for reading the guide.

T-Harness Installation:


All connectors must be connected to the remote start module, before starting step # 1 in the in-vehicle programming.


Q. I’m getting an error “SORRY, I CAN’T DETECT YOUR DEVICE”

A.  Download and run this program. https://remotestartx.com/fixusb

      After running the fixusb program, try the weblink application again.

Q. I can’t get the remote start module to flash green in step 3, no matter how many times I press unlock.

A. Reset the module.

To reset:
    While holding down the button on the remote starter module insert the small black connector.

    Wait for the LED to flash red. Release the button, the LED should turn red for 2 seconds.