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The Simplest Remote Starter Solutions

Vehicle specific Kits

Our kits are vehicle specific. We don’t believe in one size fits all. Many of our kits contain a T-harness that eliminates all wire splicing. We pride ourselves in providing T-harnesses that only contains the wires that you need, for your vehicle, avoiding the usual “rats nest” of wires. We also have kits with a T-harness that’s only partial in the sense that some wires still need to be spliced. Some kits do not have a T-harness at all and require all wires to be spliced.

3X Lock Remote Start

For many vehicles, just press lock 3 times on your existing factory key fob to start your vehicle, no extra remote needed.
If your vehicle is not compatible with 3x Lock or you require extra long-range, you can purchase a long-range remote at highly discounted rates.

Everything Included

Your kit will contains everything you need for a successful installation, including not-so-easily found tools that you’ll need.
We’ll even include a pry tool to pop the panels, if needed.

Find Your Kit

Find your Kit

Professional Support

We won’t leave you hanging while trying to install. Support is provided every step of the way. Our support team consists of highly trained and experienced professional installers. Start-X® support agents are regularly doing actual installs and keep up to date with the industry.  
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