2013 Toyota Tacoma (G-Key) Remote Starter


YES! You can install a remote starter yourself. Please don't pay exuberant dealer fees to have the dealer do what you can do yourself. The Start-X® kit was designed with YOU in mind. You, the average car owner that can fix a thing or two yourself.

The included t-harness greatly simplifies installation. No need to cut or splice wires. Plug N Play. Plugs into the vehicles factory connectors.

Remote start your vehicle from up to 3,000 feet away using the included remote. While many of our kits provide the ability to start by pressing lock three times, for this vehicle three times lock does not work.

For even further range, you can add an optional long-range RF kit. If you want to go all out, you can choose a cell phone module that provides the ability to start from virtually anywhere you have phone service.

Kit Includes:

  • Remote Starter module.
  • Two aftermarket remotes.
  • T-Harness.
  • Pry tool.
  • Zip ties.
  • Installation instructions.

Please note: In order to be able unlock while the engine is remotely started, one wiretap is required.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
T Harness
3x Lock

Installation Video

Checkout our installation video to see how simple installation is.
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Complete T-Harness

This kit includes a T-harness that eliminates wire splicing. Installation consists of removing select factory connectors and connecting the T-harness in line.

Aftermarket Remote

Start the vehicle remotely with the included aftermarket remote.

Professional Support

We won’t leave you hanging while trying to install. Support is provided every step of the way. Our support team consists of highly trained and experienced professional installers. Start-X® support agents are regularly doing actual installs and keep up to date with the industry.  
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